June Carter Cat

One of the best things about visiting my grandparents, other than spending time with them, is June Carter Cat. She is the sweetest, most loving cat.

June Carter Cat. It's hard to get a good photo of a cat!

June Carter Cat lived in the house that I moved into while volunteering in Philadelphia. Having grown up with cats and having had spent the previous four years of college cat-free, I quickly became June’s primary caretaker. When I left Philadelphia for graduate school, I was not able to take June with me. Fortunately, my grandparents are cat lovers, were at the point cat-free, and in my opinion, my grandmother was in need of a new project.

June looking up at my mother (who is not in the shot, obviously)

June lives a pretty cushy life – she receives a lot more attention, petting, and lap sitting than I would be able to provide on my schedule.

Me petting June Carter