Whole 30: Day 19

Yesterday’s post about nitrites made me start thinking about sulfites. Red wine is increasingly my boozy beverage of choice, and I was concerned that maybe red wine was a poor choice because of sulfites. It turns out that I had no reason to worry about sulfites, either. A post at theKitchn nicely summarizes the role of sulfites in red wine, so I won’t repeat that all here. The main takeaway points are 1) sulfites do not cause red wine headaches, and 2) red wine has fewer sulfites than white wine (however, far more histamines). So, if you’re allergic to the histamines found in wine, avoid red wine. If you’re asthmatic, pay attention to how you feel after you drink wine (red or white), because there is some evidence that sulfites can induce asthma.

Of course, I’ve often heard about the health-promoting properties of red wine, but I don’t latch onto these as reasons to increase red wine consumption. Yes, red wine has resveratol (found in grape skin) but it also has alcohol (a neurotoxin). So, when I drink red wine, I drink it because I want to and because I like it, but I don’t lie to myself and say it’s “good” for me. However, I will agree that it’s probably a “lesser of many evils” choice (at least compared to other alcoholic drinks).

What I ate:

Breakfast: leftover Paleo No Oatmeal, one half of an avocado

Lunch: corned beef brisket with a mix of cabbage, watermelon radish, and carrots

Dinner: Beef stew (sirloin steak cut into stew chunks, onion, carrots, watermelon radish, cabbage, tomato sauce, water, salt, pepper, garlic), glass of shiraz


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