Whole 30: Day 18

I went grocery shopping a few days ago and I searched high and low for bacon that was 1) not cured with sugar, and 2) free of nitrites (except for those occurring naturally). I failed at this mission. Admittedly, I only checked ShopRite and Trader Joe’s. Because I went to ShopRite first, I settled on an Oscar Meyer Selects smoked uncured bacon that was cured with sugar but free of nitrites. I thought that the nitrites were the lesser of two evils here. Besides, I found that I liked uncured bacon when I purchased it from Wegman’s in the past. Since I went to Trader Joe’s second, I perused their bacon selection and found that they offer plenty of nitrite-free bacon, but it’s all cured with sugar, too.

So, I read around and learned that perhaps the nitrite/nitrate issue is a non-issue (see here, here, and here). In the future, I’ll just go for the bacon without added sugar and ignore the nitrites. Live and learn, right?

Now, onto another issue. Yesterday, Sam and I met a friend at Franklin’s for lunch. I had Malbec (which has been fine every other time I’ve had it) and a burger (no bun) with pimento cheese and a side of cole slaw. Neither the pimento cheese nor the coleslaw are allowed according to the rules of the Whole 30. Since I had no problem with dairy last week, I figured the cheese would be fine. Unfortunately, something I ate was not fine, and I felt sick to my stomach for most of the afternoon. I think that I’m going to stay away from all foods that are not compliant with the Whole 30 until it’s over, and then test them out one by one to figure out what might have made me ill. I’m really hoping it wasn’t the cheese! Either way, I suppose this is payback for being so fast and loose with the rules of the Whole 30.

What I ate:

Breakfast: a little more than one half of a recipe of Paleo No Oatmeal using pecans, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds with no added berries, one quarter of an avocado

Lunch: burger with pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a side of coleslaw, Malbec

Dinner: corned beef brisket with a mix of cabbage, watermelon radish, and carrots (the veggies were roasted with the brisket)

Cheats: coleslaw, pimento cheese, Malbec

How I slept: Very well, and waking up was easy, too.


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