Whole 30: Day 10

Yesterday marks day 10 – I’m one third of the way there!

I woke up hungry yesterday, probably because I had a small dinner. Despite feeling so hungry before starting breakfast, I felt very full before finishing, and was unable to eat the last 5-6 bites. Maybe these are signs that my body is finally adjusted to this new way of eating. Leptin is a hormone that tells you when you’re satiated (high levels of leptin in the blood) and when you’re hungry (low levels of leptin in the blood). According to It Starts with Food, leptin levels should be low when you wake up in the morning because you’ve gone a while without food, so you should wake up hungry.

I’ve noticed that my digestion seems to be greatly improving. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was for so much of the day until I wasn’t feeling that way anymore. I hope it wasn’t the dairy that was causing the discomfort!

What I ate:

Breakfast: chopped asparagus and one Aidells apple & chicken sausage with two eggs sauteed in olive oil, one mug of Irish breakfast tea

Lunch: strawberries and peaches, almonds, v8, Berry Veggie Naked Juice

Dinner: hake fish sauteed in ghee and asparagus sauteed in olive oil

Evening snack: raisins

How I slept: Not well, but I don’t think I should attribute this to diet as I’m in the middle of making a few difficult career decisions!

Number of cheats: 1 – the Naked Juice had corn and chick peas in it! Does that mean that I cheated twice? I’m not sure. And yes, I know that the Whole 30 doesn’t endorse fruit juice, but I’m sick and it’s all I had an appetite for at the time.


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