Whole 30: Day 8

Day 7 flew by so quickly that I forgot to note say, “YAY! I’ve stuck with the Whole 30 so far!” But, I’ve said it now.

According to the Whole 30 Timeline, up through day 7 I should have gone through the following stages: wondering what’s so hard about this on day 1, feeling really awful on days 2-3 as my body continued to work through the “junk” I ate before the Whole 30, feeling really grumpy on days 4-5, and feeling super sleepy on days 6-7. I probably felt some variation of all of these over the past 7 days, but would I attribute it to how I’m eating? I don’t know.

So what’s in store for me through days 8-9? Apparently this is when I might notice feeling very bloated as the enzymes and bacteria in my digestive system adjust to my new diet. Though, so far, I haven’t felt bloated. I went to Pilates class last night and actually felt better than the previous classes, probably because I wasn’t so bloated.

Unfortunately, I started to feel the symptoms of another head cold or sinus infection set in yesterday. I took sudafed, Airborne, echinacea, and acetaminophen. I managed to get through Pilates class, but by the time I went to bed, my nose was really runny.

What I ate: 

Breakfast: chopped asparagus, onion, and one Aidells apple & chicken sausage with two eggs sauteed in olive oil, one mug of apricot black tea

Lunch: leftover salmon burger with half of an avocado, blueberries

Dinner: red sauce with ground turkey over butternut squash

Post-Pilates/pre-bed snack: raw almonds

How I slept: I didn’t sleep well. It was really windy outside and I had a head cold, so I had to blow my nose several times throughout the night.

Cheats: Unfortunately, the store brand of Airborne that I took has sucralose (an artificial sweetener, otherwise known as Splenda). At least I declined the tasty samples at Costco!


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