Buttermilk Biscuits and Dissertating

A few nights ago a friend came over with all of the fixings for fried green tomatoes*, and we had ourselves a feast. It was only the second time I’d ever had fried green tomatoes, and I can now add them to the list of things that would be a compelling reason to move to the south. Not to worry, dear friends, despite the fact that I’m south of the Mason Dixon line, I don’t consider the DC metro area to be the legitimate south, and I don’t plan to move to the real south anytime soon.

We used buttermilk to batter the tomatoes, and what else to do with leftover buttermilk than to make buttermilk biscuits? I’d never made them before; the closest to biscuit-making that I’ve come is helping my grandmother make biscuits that were devoid of good flavor and fluffy texture as a kid. She was the only one who ate them, but she loved putting me up on that kitchen stool to help make them. Not wanting to recreate those biscuits, I remembered seeing this post on Smitten Kitchen about her favorite buttermilk biscuits. We opted for the drop biscuit route (easier clean-up!) and this recipe did not disappoint. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the biscuits or the tomatoes, we were too busy feasting to care.

Anyway, since I only gave you a link to a recipe and not an actual recipe (or even a photo of a completed recipe), I guess I’ll give you a dissertation update. My 20 minutes per day project went on a major hiatus for the past six weeks (or maybe even eight). I went to a conference, the end of the semester crunch hit, I had deadlines to meet for my research assistantship, and I had a bunch of family engagements to attend. Oh, and I burned out. I mean, completely. I was so burned out that I didn’t even want to read for fun. So, I put the dissertation proposal aside, trudged through all of my other work tasks, and tried to enjoy all of the time I got to spend with my family and in-laws over these past couple of months (when I wasn’t too tired, that is).

This past Monday I finally started working on my dissertation again. I’m re-implementing my 20-minutes per day rule, except this time, I’m letting myself take days off. Some might say that this is a complete failure at a 365 Project, and I suppose it kind of is. But, the difference between my dissertation and a 365 project is that my dissertation will likely take longer than 365 days to complete, regardless of whether I work on it for 20 minutes a day or not. And most days, I will be working on it.

In the future, I’ll embark on a 365 Project that entails something I actually enjoy – something fitness- or cooking-related. Something that will hopefully improve my health, and my life in general. Something that will have enough variety that when I get so busy with research that I don’t burn out from the 365 goal, too. Though I’m not following official 365 Project rules for my dissertation, I’m still sticking with a general 20 minutes per day, so I’ll continue to update about it here and there.


*We had a Sriracha Remoulade and a copycat of the Outback Steakhouse Blooming Onion sauce with the fried green tomatoes, and none of us could pick a favorite!


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