The Gauntlet

So, it’s been a while since I’ve checked in about my 365 Challenge. I’m certainly working on my dissertation more than I would have otherwise, but, I have missed plenty of days. I’ve justified these missed days because my regular workload was particularly heavy, because of special events (like visiting family), or by distributing a day in which I did a lot of work to apply to two or three days’ worth of work. So, I’m thankful for Jackie over at The Jackie Blog for her latest contest: The Gauntlet.

Jackie is currently participating in a second 365 challenge wherein she does some form of exercise/movement every day for 365 days. Don’t we all wish we were so motivated? Anyway, she has invited us to join her for 30 days to pursue any goal that you think you need to improve. Mine is, obviously, to return to working on my dissertation on a consistent, daily basis. Yours could be anything. But do sign up, and do sign up soon. You could win $100 for joining her!

I plan to track my progress this month the old way. I have a calendar on my desk, and I earn a purple star for each day that I work on my dissertation. My secondary goal is to exercise more often, so I get a pink star for that. Sometimes, the gold-star method is the best.


Here’s to a productive April.


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