Belgium Trip – Food Edition

Belgian waffles are fantastic. Belgian waffles are not eaten on a plate with a fork, smothered in butter and drowned in syrup. No, Belgian waffles are eaten with your hand, using a napkin or a piece of paper to hold it, as you walk down the street. Unless you get a fancy waffle smothered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream, or ice cream, or fruit and chocolate, or any variation thereof. Then, you get a place and a teeny, tiny fork.

Our first waffle in Belgium, which was also the best

My favorite meal in Brussels was, by far, was La Fin de Siecle (which translates to “End of the Century,” by the way). It was located outside of the tourist part of town. In fact if Brussels has a hip part of town, this is where that restaurant was located. The restaurant’s name isn’t posted outside anywhere. It’s just one of those places that you know about, I guess. There was no formal menu, instead the menu was posted on the chalkboard. And it was cash only, of course. And, because we were in Europe, the draft beer was cheaper than a soda.

Inside La Fin de Siecle

I had the stoemp, which I understood to be a traditional Belgian dish of mashed potatoes and vegetables. It came with sausage and gravy, which were both delicious.


Kendall and Sam both got the rabbit, which was tasty.


Justin got the veal, which was delicious. Had I been able to try the stoemp and the veal before ordering, I’m not sure which I would have chosen.


We also ate at Chez Léon, one of two restaurants that was highly recommended for mussels and fries (moules frites). The mussels were good, the fries were not so great. Thankfully, we stopped at a late-night food vendor later and awesome fries with a spicy andalouse sauce. They serve them in a paper cone with a teeny, tiny fork (Brussels loves teeny, tiny forks). Sorry, no photos of the fries, but trust me, they were perfectly crispy and the sauce was just spicy enough.

Our drinks at La Fin de Siecle

Unfortunately, we did not eat any other sit-down meals. Fortunately, the rest of our meals consisted of waffles, beer, chocolate, and fries. But, that’s no so bad. It just means we probably spent more time than we probably should have in shops that look like the photo below.

Chocolate Fountains Everywhere


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