Belgium Trip – Beer Edition

I went to Brussels, Belgium last weekend. We were only there for two nights, but I had a fantastic time. Furthermore, all the food and beer was better than anything I can make myself, so the next few posts will probably be devoted to recapping Belgium. Unfortunately, I did not take that many pictures of my own, so I have to rely on the mercy of my travel mates to send along photos for me to use on the blog. For now, you’ll have to live with a  creative-commons photo of Floris Chocolat that I found, plus a few of my own.

Our first stop when we got to Brussels was Delirium Cafe. This place is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for its beer list, which is 2,000+ choices strong.

Photo by Accidental Hedonist at Flickr:

I tried almost every Floris beer available at Delirium Cafe. Apple, raspberry, cherry, chocolate, honey, cactus, witbier (a white) and mango. The flavors I didn’t try were passion fruit and ninkeberry (which I think is mixed fruit). Maybe next time, right? It’s hard to choose a favorite because they were all delicious. Sam’s favorite was absolutely the honey. I’m torn between the apple, cherry, and chocolate. I also tried many other beers, like Chimay (IT WAS ON TAP!). My very favorite was Malheur Cuvée Royale – it was smooth and delicious and truly deserves the tagline “Champagne of beers,” because I’m not sure that anything can beat it.

Back to describing Delirium Cafe – it has many levels and separate sections, as it should with more than 2,000 beers to choose from in the place. My favorite was probably the basement where you sat at stools and used giant barrels as tables.

Not to mention, their logo is a pink elephant. How can you not love a pink elephant?

I should also point out that a Coors Light at Delirium Cafe (yes, they served Coors light) was more expensive than a Chimay. Un.Real. I would recommend that anyone in Brussels stop by this place.

Stay tuned for my posts on food in Brussels and sightseeing in Brussels.


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