A Pittsburgh Review

As promised, here are some of the details from my weekend in Pittsburgh. Considering that Sam and I were only there for two nights and two days, we managed to squeeze in a lot of fun things.

Coldstone Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Upon our arrival, not only were we treated to some fantastic homemade chicken noodle soup, but Jackie had purchased a chocolate ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery. Girl knows the way to my heart.

Fresh meats and cheeses!

On Saturday, we got to see a lot of the city. We stopped by Pittsburgh Public Market where we bought fresh meats and veggies to cook later for dinner.

My "Kolbassi" Sandwich

We then went to Primanti Bros for lunch. Touristy? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely. The sandwiches come with fries and coleslaw on the sandwich. Not too shabby. It’s probably best that I don’t live near a Primanti Bros, I’m not sure I could prevent myself from eating there ALL. THE. TIME. Not to mention, the amount of the check for four people (that is – four sandwiches, three pints of beer, and a coke) was the amount I’m used to seeing for two people to dine in the DC area.

Me and Jackie at Trinity Church

After a filling lunch of Primanti Bros sandwiches, we walked through Pittsburgh. We stopped by Trinity Church, which is Pittsburgh’s oldest unresconstructed landmark. It was really intricate and ornate. Dare I say that it could compete with some of the cathedrals that I’ve seen in Barcelona? Maybe not, but it was certainly the most beautiful thing to see in downtown Pittsburgh.

Check out how ornate that door is

We also drove to the top of Mount Washington. Mount Washington offers a beautiful view of the city, a view that I would try to make sure I took advantage of often if I lived in Pittsburgh.

View from Mount Washington

Did you guys know that Pittsburgh has 446 bridges? Cuz it does.

Looking a bit up river

That evening, after dining on our goods from the Pittsburgh Public Market, Sam and I had the pleasure of joining Jackie at the Pittsburgh Public Theater to see Shakespeare’s As You Like It. It was a great play, and Dave (Jackie’s boyfriend/actor) is super talented. After a quick drink at a local bar, we headed to the Carnegie Science Center for a laser show to Pink Floyd songs. I had no idea what to expect. Having never attended a laser show at the Carnegie Science Center before, I just assumed we would be standing. The laser shows are held in the planetarium, which has plenty of comfortable seating. I got to sit AND the show was a fun and new experience.

WOW, Saturday was a long day.

We did fewer things on Sunday, but it was just as enjoyable. We ate at Pamela’s Diner for breakfast. I had the California French Toast (basically, French toast made from raisin bread). Sam let me sample his Lyonnaise potatoes*. I don’t know what they do to those, but they’re fantastic. They’re kinda mashed, kinda fried, and they have plenty of flavor.

*Sorry, Dave, for interrogating you about the Lyonnaise potatoes. I just wanted to know what I was in for before going! Turns out that you were right… I just had to try them myself.

A George Washington Dinosaur

The last thing we did on Sunday was head to the Heinz History Center; this is a dinosaur dressed as George Washington at Heinz. Copenhagen has painted elephants all over the city, Pittsburgh has painted dinosaurs. Pretty awesome.

Me putting (fake) pickles in a jar - interactive exhibit!

The Heinz History Center is a GREAT museum! There was an exhibit titled Stars and Stripes: An American Story. The exhibit detailed the history of the United States flag, including variations of the U.S. flag throughout history and even a piece of fabric from Old Glory. The museum also had local artifacts preserved by local historical societies (like a bed that Lincoln slept in when he visited Pittsburgh), information about Mr. Rogers (yes, he’s from the Pittsburgh area!), a glass exhibit, and a large exhibit devoted to innovations, inventions, and important people from Pittsburgh. This museum is great, and has certainly earned its affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution.

Yelling at some kids on the bus

This last photo was too fun to not post. The Heinz museum had an old trolley on display that you were allowed to enter. This is Jackie doing her best bus driver impersonation.


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