Soup and Hobbes

This weekend I’m in Pittsburgh staying with my good friend Jackie of The Jackie Blog. This weekend will include fun things like going to see As You Like It at the Pittsburgh Public Theater, seeing a laser show at the Carnegie Science Center, and eating at Primanti Bros.

For dinner, she fed me and Sam delicious chicken noodle soup that her boyfriend made.

Good soup and red wine = happiness

Jackie and Dave have two cats, Lola and Hobbes. Lola rubbed her face against my butt within five minutes of my arrival. Hobbes showed us that he is king of the food and asserted his kingship by eating from Lola’s bowl.

While heating our soup, we noticed this awesome magnet on the fridge.Awesome magnet

Also, while we were heating dinner, we noticed this magnet on the fridge:

Awesome magnet

Rumor* has it that there’s a chocolatey ice cream cake in the freezer for my birthday. It may last long enough for me to get a photo of it.

*Rumor confirmed – I’ve seen it.


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