My First Chia Pet!

Ladies and gentleman, ever since I knew that Chia Pets exist… no, scratch that. Ever since I knew that Garfield Chia Pets exist, I have wanted one.

Believe it or not, I forgot about Chia Pets for quite a while. They made their way back to the forefront of my consciousness when I started adding chia seeds to my green smoothies. Kendall and I started joking about whether or not you can eat the seeds that come with a Chia Pet. I then confessed my long-term deep desire for a Chia Pet.

Well, ladies and gentleman, my birthday is tomorrow and Kendall does not miss an opportunity for a good gift.

Soaking Garfield and the chia seeds

Unfortunately, Chia Pets do not come out of the box with a full head of grassy hair. No, there are directions to follow and patience to be had. First, you soak the terracotta Chia Pet and chia seeds in water for one hour.

Kendall applying the chia seed goo

There’s a reason that chia seeds are used as a thickener in smoothies. If in water long enough, they turn into goo. Once they turn into a gooey gel, you apply them to the outside of the terracotta Chia Pet pot. Now I just have to wait a few weeks, and hopefully I will have a green, grassy-furry Garfield Chia Pet.


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