Can I Run 8 Kilometers?

Today I ran 2.2 miles. It was slow, about an 11 minute mile, but I did it.

My roommate, Kendall, is planning on running an 8k in DC in March but she wants a running buddy. She has asked me to run with her and I haven’t been willing to commit because I don’t enjoy running all that much. But, I want to like running and I do love achievements. So, I’m spending the next several weeks training for an 8k and seeing how far I can get. If I can break 3.5 miles in the next couple of weeks, I’ll sign up for the 8k. That will give me another month to prepare for the whole 8k. I hope this isn’t too ambitious.

Just so we’re clear, I have trained for shorter distances in the past. In November 2010, I ran my first 5k, a Turkey Trot race. This was my first 5k and my time was 32:53. I don’t really care that this is a really slow 5k time because I’m proud of myself for finishing without walking.  I participated in the 2011 Turkey Trot and my time was even slower and it was really difficult to finish.

A guy in a turkey costume on a bike was the pace-setter

Perhaps if I run enough, I’ll start to enjoy it. I’ve never stuck with it long enough to find out. I do have to admit that I’m a little upset with myself for letting myself lose the running endurance I had built up to back in 2010. I hope to work back up to it.


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