Day 15

Today marks day 15 of logging my daily food and exercise over at MyFitnessPal. This is the longest stretch of food logging that I have achieved in probably 8 years. Furthermore, as of today I’m at the same weight that I was in January 2011, which means that I lost somewhere between 7 to 10 pounds (I’m not sure how much of the 10 pounds was actually water weight, so we’ll go with a safe 7).  Next goal is to shed the weight that I gained in 2010, a much more difficult feat, I’m sure.

To celebrate passing the two-week mark and losing the 2011 weight, I decided to make a Thai curry shrimp dish for dinner. I found this recipe over at Epicurious and decided to give it a try. I tried to sub Kikkoman yellow curry sauce for curry paste and coconut oil mixed with regular milk instead of coconut milk. I added too much coconut oil (I thought the bottle had a pour restrictor; it did not!), so the dish was way too coconut-y. The yellow curry sauce didn’t do it or me either. So, after a few bites, I drained the liquid off and started over, using curry powder, turmeric, salt, pepper, red chili flakes, and milk. It’s pretty good, but not ideal, so I won’t post the recipe here.

At least I'll probably use one of these again!

I’ll definitely try to make this recipe again, but I’ll use a curry paste next time. Too bad I didn’t like the yellow curry sauce, but at least I now have fish sauce in my fridge!

My first attempt at Thai Shrimp Curry

I ate the shrimp curry over shirataki noodles, because I wanted to try them out. They’re not bad, but I think next time I’d rather have a different noodle or rice with this dish.

Hopefully the garden quinoa burgers I found on Pinterest will work out tomorrow!


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